About the Highlander

Highlander The Highlander is a developing breed in the International Cat Association (TICA). It's roots are a bit of a mystery as it does not descend from any known or recognized cat breed. Although these cats have been in existence since 1993, the name 'Highlander' was adopted in 2005 to identify it as a unique breed, and it was accepted for Registration at that time by TICA. In 2008 it was moved to Preliminary New Breed Class, which is the first step towards achieving Championship status. It is a unique and exciting new breed with some unusual characteristics that sets it apart from other breeds.

One of the distinctive features which makes the Highlander stand out are the slightly curled back ears. These ears stand as much on top of the head as on the side, and may sport ear tufts and ear furnishings.

Highlander Breed SectionAnother unusual characteristic of the Highlander is the naturally short tail. This tail can range anywhere from one inch to hock length (although some Highlanders are born with standard length tails as well). It often has kinks and curls in it, making each tail unique.

The Highlander can come in almost any color and pattern except bicolor (any color combined with white, such as Tuxedo cats). They can have long or short hair, and their coats tend to be thick and resilient, so even the long haired Highlanders usually don't require much grooming.


Highlander CatWatching a Highlander move will give one the sense that they are observing a cougar or bobcat walking across the American wilderness with its powerful, rippling muscles and substantial boning. A Highlander’s feet are large with prominent knuckles, built for the stamina for which they are known.

As incredible as their looks are, the Highlander is a good natured, playful cat that enjoys nothing more than to have all eyes on it as it thinks of new zany antics with which to entertain its humans.  The Highlander has a fun loving, playful, and laid back personality, and is often described as having a clown-like nature. This makes it the perfect cat for any household. It is a robust cat with a solid muscular body, short tail, and curled ears – truly unique in the cat fancy! 

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